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Olivier Cattoor

Olivier has 20 years of experience in Corporate Treasury, Banking and Insurance.

Prior to founding O2 Finance, Olivier led PwC’s Corporate Treasury and Financial Risk Management consulting practice in Belgium. Olivier accumulated several years of bank auditing before moving to consulting. Olivier has a proven track record in leading successfully change projects impacting Business, Operations and Finance.

Olivier Kaczmarek

Olivier has more than 12 years of experience in Treasury and Financial Risk Management.

Olivier specialises in assisting Corporates in the definition and implementation of Treasury and financial risk management strategies. He has strong experience in reducing procurement costs through implementation of centralised commodity risk management approaches.


Olivier is a strong advocate of multidisciplinary approaches to risk management. He stimulates collaboration between all stakeholders along the value chain (procurement, sales, treasury, accounting) to ensure financial risk dimensions are tackled in a consistent manner throughout the company.

Philippe Beuls

Philippe has 8 years of experience in corporate treasury & banking risk management consulting

Philippe is a client focused consultant who has built expertise in different domains of corporate treasury, including financial risk management, hedge accounting, treasury regulations, cash management and treasury policies & controls. With his financial services clients, Philippe has worked on risk management process designs, hedging strategies & implementations there of.