Risk Management

Companies are faced with significant exposures to financial risks. It’s one of the core treasurer’s duties to identify & manage those risks and mitigate their impact on business, cash flows & profitability.

 O2 Finance helps you (Companies / Treasurers & CFOs) tackle this challenge from start to finish by:

  • Assessing true net financial exposures through reaching out to business units, procurement & sales functions,
  • defining objectives & strategy for managing those risks,
  • setting-up appropriate processes systems to support a lean execution of risk management operations

We have developed tools & methodologies to facilitate and accelerate the delivery of benefits out of these projects.

Recent Project

  • For a leading chemical company we have reviewed FX hedging strategy and analysed pro’s & cons or moving to alternative approaches.
  • For an industrial company with global footprint across the globe (including in emerging economies), we have assessed FX risks and developed a comprehensive strategy to manage these from the source by reinforcing links between Treasury, Procurement and Sales team.
Risk Management - O2 Finance