Treasury Strategy & Policies

It's a common pitfall to run treasury operations in a "business as usual" mode and to forget taking a step back to ask yourslef whether your strategy could be leaner, fine-tuned or even revamped in order to better align with company's overall objectives, deliver additional added value and facilitate the day-to-day operations of the business.


At O2 Finance, we help you bringing a new perspective and fresh eye on your treasury operations. We help you thinking out of the box on the adequation of your strategy to your environment and objectives by sharing our expertise acquired across sectors throughout the years. We also facilitate the organisation of meetings with your peers to exchange practical experiences and learn from each other.

Getting the right strategy is one thing, but in order to implement it properly and efficiently, with all necessary support from the Board of Directors and cooperation from the operational entities, it must be properly documented into a comprehensive but pragmatic policy document.

Recent Project

  • For a multitational company active in the building industry, we have revamped overall treasury policies, covering all core aspects of Treasury such as Foreign Currency, Interest Rate and Commodity risk management, Cash & Liquidity Management, Bank relationship management,...
  • For a large food ingredients manufacturer, we have helped them assessing the potential for engaging into strategic hedging of their oil-based exposures created by Freight and Distribution activities.
Treasury Strategy & Policies - O2 Finance