Treasury Transformation

Whenever corporates go through M&A transactions, there are high expectations towards treasurers to extract significant synergies and realize benefits of scale. In such challenging & time sensitive projects, treasurers are very much focused on quick wins only, rather than a full integration of treasury practices which lead to efficiency gains in the medium term already.


At O2 Finance, we have worked with our clients through divestment, integration & relocation projects from the strategic assessment phase until the operational implementation of transactions. In order to reach the level of synergies expected by top management, buy-in on the project scope & level of integration is essential.


We have developed project plans to ensure a smooth transition & timely completion of the key milestones. We have successfully supported large corporates in the preparation & implementation of the target banking structure, renegotiations of credit facilities, integration of hedging practices and streamlining of banking fees & payment processes.

Recent Project

  • Divestment of a 15 bio USD business line of an industrial multinational company, whereby O2 Finance was responsible for the full project management between multiple locations & work streams as well as the divestment of regional cash management practices (cash pools, trade finance, local credit facilities, banking fees & payment methods). 
  • Merger between 2 industrial multinational companies, whereby O2 Finance was in charge of the global bank structure alignment & integration. We mapped out the current practices of both companies, built and implemented a project plan for the cash management & banking landscape to ensure aligned credit conditions, bank account structure, payment tools & cash pool integration.
  • Relocation of a Belgian treasury center abroad whereby day 1 operational readiness had to be ensured in a short timeframe. O2 Finance provided project management services and worked on the transactional banking set-up & the continuity of the treasury day-to-day activities (treasury team, operational processes, systems, accounting, payments). 
Treasury Transformation - O2 Finance